Fellowship Kids

Partnering with families to lead children into a growing relationship with Jesus.


Fellowship Kids (6 weeks–5th grade) is designed to help each child experience who God is, how much He loves them, and to discover their part in His story.

We provide safe, nurturing childcare for children in our nursery, and fun, age-appropriate environments where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way for children age 3–5th grade by volunteers from our Fellowship family.

We make every effort to create a Sunday morning time that is a vibrant, creative, Christ-centered experience for children of all ages!

New to Fellowship Kids?

When you arrive, please visit our Kids Check-In area. Both you and your child will receive tags with a matching family number. Your child’s is a name tag that they will wear and your tag will be used to pick your child up after service. You must show your parent number to pick up your child.

Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are cared for by loving volunteers during service. Children K-5th grade join us for family worship in the main service before going to their program.

Pre-Register Your Kids

You can make your first visit a little easier by registering your kids in advance. When you arrive on Sunday at the Kids Check-In, simply enter your phone number. Our team can quickly print your tags and get you on your way to an incredible worship experience!

Registrations after 5 pm the Saturday before your visit may not be entered in our database. In this case, our check-in volunteers will assist you in getting your family manually checked in Sunday morning.

Parent Resources

We offer the following resources to help connect parents and others in the home with what we do on Sunday morning.

Verse Cards
Each month, Fellowship Kids Jr. and Fellowship Kids have a monthly Bible verse they are encouraged to memorize. Verse cards go home with each child at the beginning of the month.

Each week, Fellowship Kids distributes a GodTime Card complete with four days of fun devotionals designed to help them connect with God’s BIG STORY at home.


If you have further questions please email Sarah Turner, Fellowship Kids Director, at [email protected].